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Light Union 2020
Light Union 2020

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NA Company 2019

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DEXEL 2019
DEXEL 2019

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Prixma flex 300w high power

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PRIXMA FLEX 300W are Professional Led lighting panels, offering lightweight and compact  construction with style and design.  Available versions with adjustable color temperature (Variable White Color) versions 3200K° to 5600K°  or   2800K° to 6500K°,  and Single color 3200K° or 5700K°.   Perfect application for large areas of TV Studios, Film and Photo.  PRIMXA FLEX 300W are new generation of lighting fixtures, developed with the latest technology for producing high performance in lighting and energy efficiency, with high CRI and TLCI rating. Operates cool with efficient heatsink 
Provides soft and even lighting for the whole range, deleting shadows, with high lighting quality  Interchangeable diffusion filters, accept barndoors 4-leaf.   DMX and Manual control.. It works at 100-240V

  • High Power 300W Soft lighting.
  • CRI & TLCI ≥ 93.
  • Adjustable Color temperature versions 3200K° to 5600K°. or 2800K° to 6500K°
  • Available models single color 5600K° or 3200K° 
  • Full Flicker Free.
  • Cooling with efficient heatsinks design
  • Interchangeable diffusor filters
  • Optional barndoors 4 leaf
  • Power 90V-240V  
  • Control method DMX or Local (manual) dimming.
  • Lightweight contruction and attractive design
  •  Pole Operated available

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