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Light Union 2020
Light Union 2020

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NA Company 2019
NA Company 2019

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DEXEL 2019
DEXEL 2019

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Zero 88

ZerOS Крыло

174 100 ₽
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2 377 €

ZerOS Wing can be added onto any ZerOS console, or Phantom ZerOS - the offline PC editor, to increase the number of channel playback faders available.

ZerOS Wing has been designed to be simple and quick to setup and use. There are no settings, no configuration and no difficult connections. Just plug in via USB and any ZerOS console is instantly upgraded.

A single button switches quickly between ‘Channels’ and ‘Playbacks’ at any time, and the ‘Page Up’ and ‘Page Down’ buttons are used to either switch between all patched channels on the console, or each page of playbacks. When multiple wings are used, simply setup each Wing onto a different page.

‘Fader Function’ will operate slightly differently on some ZerOS consoles, as shown by the table on the following page. Phantom ZerOS will match whichever console is chosen when the software is loaded.

  • 24 многофункциональных фейдера
  • 24 кнопки прямого включениям
  • Переключение между каналами '' и 'Playbacks'at нажатием кнопки
  • Быстрая установка
  • Подключение к любой ZERO консоли
  • К любой ZERO консоли можно добавить до 6 Wings
  • Ключ слот отверстие для настенного монтажа

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